Welcom to Asobimo Beta-Testing Program

You have been Chosen, Conquester!. Get your share of 22 Ethereum.

Hit the chance to collect the biggest share of real treasures by participating in our beta-testing program.

After the great release of (TORAM ONLINE) Asobimo inc team created the newest PC legendary game which needs invaders to explore our new universe. If you are looking for the biggest and most entertaining upcoming NFT game this is your gate to explore "DENSETSU Universe".

How is the rewards program works :

1 Galaxy-stone each one values 2.00eth (2.00eth in total).

5 Celestial items each one values 1.00eth (5.00eth in total).

10 Mythic items each one values 0.500eth (5.00eth in total).

20 Legendary items each one values 0.2500eth (5.00eth in total).

40 Rare items each one values 0.12500eth (5.00eth in total).

How to exchange your rewards once you get it :

When you get your NFT item you can withdraw it from the game and sell it via Village "Sam the Trader" or on secondary markets such as Opensea.

Start Play&Earn Journey Now !

Note: The game requires at least 2.7GB free storage.